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1811-D South 7th Street, San Jose, California, USA

Job Type

Volunteer Position



About the Role

OUR STEAM Instructor serves as a champion of introducing students to the world of STEAM. They learn projects and guide the students thru to completion. Projects vary from robotics, Legos, various STEM kits and digital arts. Should be able to command the attention of K-8th graders and provide clear instructions while ensuring each student is comprehending assignment.



STEM Tutors not only teach STEM projects, they can also be called on to teach academic skills, as well as serve as mentors and coaches, encouraging and guiding students throughout the school year.


  • Tutor students in small groups (1-5 students maximum)

  • Tailor curriculum in STEM as needed

  • Track and analyze student progress.

  • Perform/Lead team-based activities

  • Keep detailed records of tutoring sessions using Student Progress Records and/or relevant forms.

  • Work closely with the Center Program Director to meet students’ academic goals

  • Tutor tailors’ lessons to meet student needs.

  • Performs administrative and team-based activities as needed.

  • Will also tutor other subjects as needed.

Ideal Candidate

Experience working with school age children

Proficent in computer programming and robotics

Must be able to demonstrate ability to work with people from diverse racial/cultural/socioeconomic backgrounds

Time Committment:

Must be able to commit to Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00pm-7:00pm for a minimum 3 month commitment

On-Site work location required

Addtional Details

Submit a resume and supporting documents

Complete an online application

Submit to and pass a background check(no cost)

Submit Health Certificate with Negative TB Test (from a physician)

Attend a 1.5 hour orientation

This is a volunteer position

About the Company

B.O.O.K (Building Our Own Kids) Academy is a community service provided through the Maranatha Outreach Center in San Jose, Ca. B.O.O.K provides a positive, safe, and quiet atmosphere for students in grades K—12 to excel in their academic studies. Four levels of services are offered through the program: homework assistance, tutoring, skill-building activities, and access to computers. A mental wellness component is also available.

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