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COVID-19 Policy

Out of consideration for all students and staff, please do not bring your child to the center if they are sick, running a fever, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, have covid-19 symptoms or have tested positive for covid in the last 5 days.

Please review the Department of Health and Human Services guidelines at




To minimize any risk to the health and safety of all our students and staff, the rules outlined below will be in place for all persons entering the B.O.O.K Academy vans and buildings. Parental support is essential to ensure their child fully understands and follows the policy. These rules will be enforced at all times.

  • All students, parents, guests, staff and volunteers are to wear a mask at all times while on-site, this applies to accessing any buildings and vans

  • Temperature checks are required from students, parents, guests, staff and volunteers upon entering the building and prior to boarding the van.

  • When the van driver arrives at the pickup location, they will check each child for temperatures below 99°.

  • Any person who tests higher than 99° will be denied access to ride the van or attend B.O.O.K for the required 5 days of isolation and a negative test result.

  • The parent will be notified that for the safety of others, a pickup of their child was not made and they should follow up with their child to provide further instructions.
    • When pickup is made at school
    • When a child is dropped off at B.O.O.K Academy by a parent/guardian the parent/guardian should wait until the child has been checked and admitted to the building. If a fever is detected they will be denied entry and required to isolated for the required 5 days and provide a negative test result upon returning,



It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure the health of their students. Please contact the office or advise the van driver if the status of your student's health has changed prior to pickup and other arrangements have been made.



  • Students must notify parents, teachers and B.O.O.K staff if they are not feeling well

  • Students must keep their mask on inside the van and B.O.O.K facilities at all 

  • Students must provide a temperature check upon entering the building

  • All students must have a COVID19 policy form signed by a parent or guardian in order to ride the van or attend the program.

Any behavior in response to this policy that requires the continued need to confront a student not properly wearing a mask will result in a meeting with the parent/guardian and possible suspension from the program.


I agree to follow the COVID19 policy rules as outlined above


(Child’s signature) (Date)



I agree to support the van rules as outlined above


(Signature of parent/guardian) (Date)

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