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Our Services

B.O.O.K (Building Our Own Kids) Academy is a community service provided through the Maranatha Outreach Center in San Jose, Ca.. B.O.O.K provides a positive, safe, and quiet atmosphere for students in grades K-12 to excel in their academic studies. Four levels of services are offered through the program: homework assistance, tutoring, skill-building activities, and access to computers. A mental wellness component is also available.

Homework Assistance

The homework center provides a quiet atmosphere for students to study and complete homework assignments.  Peer and adult staffing are available to review completed homework assignments and to provide help to students. A vast resource center is available to students, equipped with reference materials, study aids, and educational supplies.

Computer Literacy


Group tutoring is provided for students at each grade level.  


Limited 1-on-1 tutoring can be provided  when student/tutor ratio permits.

Mental Health

Skill Building

Supplemental work and activities are provided when homework is complete to enhance the students learning


We provide access to therapeutic services via assessments, engagements  and relationship building activities through our licensed on-site clinical therapist. Students can take advantage of group and/or one-on-one sessions or choose time in a wellness space that students can utilize while at the tutoring academy.

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