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Credentialed Math Teacher

Emmanuel Baptist Church 467 N. White Road, San Jose Ca 9512





Program hours

Monday thru Friday 8:45am-3:00pm (July1-Aug 2)

About the Role

The certified math instructors are responsible for the delivery of all program components and supplemental activities. While a selection of STEAM activities will be provided, instructors are encouraged to be creative in finding other activities for students. Further, math instructors will work collaboratively with the site coordinator to fulfill reporting requirements and resolve any issues that may arise.


Live Instruction and Activities

  • Use data reports generated by EdReady to support instruction and small group activities

  • Facilitate STEAM projects that help students exercise math concepts and support interest in STEAM majors and professional fields

  • Facilitate culturally relevant projects that help students see themselves in STEAM fields

  • Support college knowledge activities

Data Collection

  • Administer EdReady pre- and post- assessments and Mindset reflection exercises

  • Use EdReady data reports to guide student learning

Other Duties

  • Oversee curriculum implementation

  • Assist in organizing the SAI culminating ceremony


  • Mandatory Training by CSU 

  • **Teachers are required to travel to the mandatory training hosted by CSU on May 18, 2024 held in  Los Angeles, CA Travel costs will be covered by the program

  • Attend 1 hour virtual parent and staff orientations

Addtional Details

  • Submit a resume and supporting documents

  • Complete an online application

  • Submit to and pass a background check(no cost)

  • Submit Health Certificate with Negative TB Test (from a physician)

  • Complete a W9

  • Bachelor's or post-Baccalaureate degree 

  • Teaching credential in Mathematics 

  • 3 or more years of teaching experience

  • Knowledge of college admissions requirements 

About the Company

CSU Summer Algebra Institute (SAI), is a FREE five week study designed by California State University to improve college readiness in the area of mathematics. This is a limited opportunity for a select few students and the only host site in the entire Silicon Valley area able to offer this with a direct link to the CSU Chancellor's office. The Summer Algebra Institute program aligns with CSU’s ambitious Graduation Initiative 2025 goals that aim to increase graduation rates for all CSU students while eliminating equity gaps. We work in conjunction with them to bring this amazing summer program to families in our community.

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