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Summer Algebra Math Tutor

Emmanuel Baptist Church 467 N. White Road, San Jose Ca 95127





Program hours

Monday thru Friday 8:45am-3:00pm (July1-Aug 2)

About the Role

Tutors will setup various environments for students. They assist the math instructor during classroom hours. Tutors may also aide in facilitating lesson plans, working with small groups of students, coaching students that are in need of additional support, and transitioning students from computer instruction to other planned activities. Additional duties will include assisting with breakfast and lunch and classroom setup and cleanup.


  • Setup student check in stations each morning and assist students with check in and temperature checks

  • Setup breakfast station each morning and cleanup after breakfast and assist with lunch as needed

  • Setup classrooms (laptops and supplies) each morning for EdReady/other instruction

  • Assist the instructors in facilitating lesson plans (Math Instruction, Cultural Curriculum, EdReady, Growth Mindset, STEM and Announcements)

  • Present college knowledge/growth mindset workshops/presentations as needed

  • Work with small groups of students and/or coach students that need remediation

  • Transition students to other planned activities and ensure they have cleaned up behind themselves before they leave

  • Participate in planning and attend field trips/campus tours

  • Participate with planning, execution and attend the Culminating Ceremony Event

  • Help ensure all classrooms are cleaned and returned there starting condition at the end of each day

  • Other duties as assigned by Instructors or Coordinators


  • High school diploma with some college credit required

  • Strong math skills

  • Some experience working with youth

  • Must be able to commit to working the full extent of the program (Monday thru Friday July 1- Aug 2  8:45am to 3:00pm)

  • Demonstrates a high degree of initiative, self-direction, and creativity

  • Demonstrates strong organizational and communication skills

  • Exhibits professionalism

  • Being punctual is extremely important

  • Must be able to demonstrate ability to work with people from diverse racial/cultural/socioeconomic backgrounds

  • Candidate must be legally able to work in the united states

Addtional Details

  • Complete an online application

  • Submit a resume and supporting documents

  • Submit to and pass a background check(no cost)

  • Submit Health Certificate with Negative TB Test (from a physician)

  • Complete Mandatory reporter training(MRT) 

  • Submit a W9 form

About the Company

CSU Summer Algebra Institute (SAI), is a FREE five week study designed by California State University to improve college readiness in the area of mathematics for students of color in 8th thru 12th grade. The Summer Algebra Institute program aligns with CSU’s ambitious Graduation Initiative 2025 goals that aim to increase graduation rates for all CSU students while eliminating equity gaps.

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